Ramsey Amish Banjo

    This is a non-standard model that Mike makes exclusively for ZEPP Country Music, and is available on special order. Mike had built a prototypical copy of a very simple and plain banjo, hence the moniker he used for it. When it was first offered for sale, it was an immediate hit, and Mike Ramsey has since made several of them for sale through Zepp's shop.It has a peghead patterned after the headstock of a Martin tenor guitar, a one-piece, dark-stained maple neck with a frailing notch, and the black painted, 12-inch pot of his "Standard" model, with small, abalone position markers.It also has a No-Knot tail piece and a Remo Fiberskyn head. Simple, yes. Plain, yes, but a truly great-sounding banjo.
    I have had mine a little over a week and really love it. I had Zepp put a Moon heavy bridge on it and with a little rag tucked under the dowel stick to kill the overtones, this baby really sings. It has a deep plunky tone and a sweet ethereal sound when played up on the neck. Check out the scoop:

I sort of wish the peg head had a logo or something, but I went with the "Southern" sound and not the fancy stuff. I don't really regret it at all. Here is a picture of the peg head:

The tuners are Five Star Planets with Pearloid or abalone tuning pegs. Not real fancy, but very functional:

Here is a shot of the back of the banjo.

Here is a photo of my beloved trio of banjos, my 1926 Bacon & Day, my 1997 Bart Reiter and my newest edition my 1999 Ramsey Amish. I've gone to Banjo heaven...

Last but not least, is a picture of me  with my new Amish playing for the runners at the Ocean State Marathon. My first paying gig!!

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